Wales Comic Con 

Firstly I would like to say Thank You to everyone who read my blog about Stoke Con Trent, as I type now very nearly 600 people have read the blog. 

I was with Iddy Diddy at a show on Sunday (which I’ll write about soon) and someone stopped my hubby and Iddy and said to them that they had read my blog and thought it was good. 


After such a brill weekend at Stoke Con Trent we planned to have a nice quiet weekend at home relaxing. Then someone mentioned to me about Wales Comic Con at the University in Wrexham. We had nothing planned and looked at some of the celebs that would be there and thought that it would be a good day. So off we went leaving home early firstly because we didn’t have tickets and would have to pay on the door and wouldn’t get in till after general sales had gone in, secondly we were early because it would give Iddy the chance to troop which he enjoys doing.

We arrived to find people queuing all ready so thought that we need to join the queue so dressed Iddy for trooping. 


Once dressed we walked along the queue of priority entry ticket holders and got stopped for photos quite a bit. This is something that we are getting used to and Iddy enjoys it too.

Whilst Iddy was have a walk about he got stopped by the Wrexham Leader  who took his name and this photo to put in the paper. However the following day when we checked the paper he wasn’t in but it was a good write up. 


It was coming close to opening up time so we wandered back to general entry again getting stopped for more photos  


After stopping a for a short break and a little drink. Iddy was off again meeting people with his dad following behind, whilst I stayed in the queue saving our place. Dad came back to say that he had left Iddy with some other Jawa’s and I should go and meet them. So we swapped queuing positions and I went to investigate and arrived and all I could hear was 3 Jawa’s all talking to each other in Jawa speak. It took him no time at all to bond with fellow Jawa’s. 


Bonding with fellow Jawa’s 


Holding up the donut seller

Team Jawa set off to look for shiny things to take home.  



With his new found friends, they were a magnet for photos as you can see below they were very popular.  


The general entry queue was been let in. So we went back to join our queue and promised to meet up with our new friends inside. 

I had agreed before the event that at some point we would meet up with Sarah Parker (aka Mama Jawa) and her family. Sarah has been a brilliant source of referral for us whilst we have been making Iddy’s outfit. As well as been a Jawa herself Sarah and her husband Dan have set up the fantastic organization called i-cosplay they helps support cosplayers and also campaigns against bullying of cosplayers and amongst cosplayers.

Upon entry we had already decided that we were going to meet Rusty Goffe so we wandered into the main hall and walked up to his table and we weren’t really prepared for what was about to happen, Rusty got down off his chair and came round and met Iddy, he then turned picked up his pen asked Iddy’s name and signed a photo for him when I offered to pay he said no no but when I insisted he then signed another free. Rusty said that Iddy’s costume was one of the best he had ever seen.  I have to say that Rusty is one of the nicest people you could meet and looked like he really enjoyed meeting Iddy.


We then ventured outside and met up with Iddy’s new friends  

It was lunch time now so we went back to the car and changed Iddy back into Archie and sat and had some lunch.

After a break we ventured back inside and had a look around without costume even though the Jawa still recognized Archie. 






After a look around and some more light refreshments we dressed Iddy up again and headed back inside for the cosplay competition. We were a little early so couldn’t resist the temptation of sitting on the Throne, of course I mean The Game Of Thrones throne, Iddy was a little reluctant but I think it was worth the effort cause the picture is awesome.


Let’s hope Iddy lasts a lot longer than the other people who have sat on this throne 

Iddy also had a play around with the Capital FM stand. 

We then joined the queue for the cosplay competition, things had over ran in the hall during the day so we were over 30 minutes late going in and Iddy got very bored. 

But once we got inside we found our seat and the competition started. It was judged by 2 ladies who I think we’re professional cosplayers.  


There was 3 categories Under 18, best craftsman and best performer.

So the everyone who entered walked up on stage said there name what character they were and took a turn and walked off at the other end starting with the under 18’s  







After everyone had been up on the stage the judges set about making a decision and the finalists were called back on to the stage. 

The standard of the under 18’s was fantastic I did think that Iddy wouldn’t stand a chance, but Iddy got called up on stage alongside The Riddler, and the hobbits.  

Then the judges chose a winner of the Under 18.

Iddy Diddy Jawa had done it again 

He won another trophy, an Asus tablet computer and VIP tickets for the Wales Comic Con Part 2 in November for all of us.  

Iddy had a fantastic day at Wales Comic Con  and can’t wait to come back later in the year. 

I’d like to say thank you to everyone we met, everyone who took Iddy’s photo ranging from fans of Star Wars, to magazines and businesses who have used Iddy’s picture since  the event. 

Since this event the sewing machine is out again making another Jawa costume for me too so I can join in the fun. So watch this space for the family Jawa. 

Until next time 

Jeanette and Iddy Diddy Jawa xx


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